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Adorable as Heck - Preview for Courtney & Alex

Fall is in full swing over here and it's making for a breathtaking backdrop for my 2023 wedding couples. This is my favorite part of a Minnesota Fall. The first month, when all the colors are progressing but the temps are still warm and mild. Time to whip out your favorite sweater and cute boots, although it's hot outside... you're going to sweat but you're going to look cute doing it?! Lol.

Let's chat a bit about this couple. ADORABLE comes to mind first along with super sweet. I am VERY excited to have you two in my lineup for next year's wedding season. Alex - your mustache is EPIC and you two are ridiculously sweet with each other. You literally make such a cute couple.

Meeting my couples before the wedding day is fairly crucial and is why an engagement session is included in most of my wedding packages. It allows us to break the ice so to speak and get to know each other first. By the end of the engagement session, you'll feel comfortable behind my lens - we'll understand each other - and your emotions and the way you handle each other will become so much more natural and relaxed. This is NOT Lifetouch photography - my goal is always emotive, loving images that are full of the couple's personality. :)

Let's not keep them in suspense any longer. Here is a sneak preview Courtney and Alex. Many more to come.



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