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Family is Best; Hannover Family Preview

Fall is winding down in Minnesota. I think last weekend was the peak in the southern part of the state and we had one day of warmth and one day of brisk cold and wind - which is also normal for this time of year. My busy season is also slowing down ever so slightly. I've still got a jam packed weekend ahead but the weekends past that are slowing down due to colder temps arriving and less leaves on the trees.

This family had a lovely day for their session. It was sunny, mild and colorful outside. The first couple below is my newlyweds from this past Spring. Grace and Alec - I'm SO excited to have met you and photographed you and your families twice this past year. I feel super grateful to have gotten that opportunity! You guys are the best! :)

Extended family sessions are amazing and I've done a few this year! They can seem a little chaotic at the time but I assure you - even if not all the kids are looking or if it feels overwhelming we are still capturing some lovely moments that you will cherish for years and even generations to come. I assure you.

Alrighty Hannover family - here is a sneak preview. Honestly - it's just a sprinkling of some favorites... many more to come.



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