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Gleefully Thankful - Carly & Mitchell Preview

Carly - I KNOW you are excited for this preview and I'm excited to share it with you and Mitchell. So, I'm a big believer in everything happens for a reason - the good and even the bad. I'm meeting my 2023 wedding couples and once again I'm SO thankful for the people that have been put in my path. Carly your sweet and joyous personality is SO, SO lovely and Mitchell your chill, laid back demeanor is equally awesome. I feel very thankful to have been chosen to document this huge moment in your lives.

A back story. I took photos of a wedding that Carly and Mitchell were in last Fall and she remembered me fondly enough to want to hire me to document her big day as well. I LOVE that. Referrals, returning clients, and friends who share, I love it all and honestly it's the best way to get a client.

Mitchell also very recently returned from military duties in Texas and he finally gets to spend time with family and friends - and if that isn't an earned celebration, I don't know what is. We are SO happy you are back and thank you a ton for being so honorable.

I shot this session at Oxbow Park in Byron - one of my favorite places. They wanted their dogs to be in some of the photos. I have my next two engagement sessions at this same park WITH dogs also in photos and I am ridiculously excited to do so. Bring the pups! Will it feel mildly chaotic...yes... and will we get one of them looking at the camera... well we'll see... but in the very least we can grab some candids of you loving all over your pets and each other which is honestly all that truly matters.

Alrighty - Carly & Mitchell... here you are.



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