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Halloween Couple - Renee & Tyler Preview

I bet my clients are cooler than your clients. ;) This couple is set to marry next October and they are doing a Halloween themed wedding. I am SO on-board with this concept and they brought some props for a couple of the photos so we definitely had some fun. Scroll through ALL the photos to get to the gems at the bottom!

The Fall colors are in full form lately too and my clients have been showing up in outfits that really just accentuate all the colors. I am LOVING it. And we had another adorable doggo in the photos again.

When planning for apparel for a photo shoot I really try to just "inform" and not select clients apparel. I know many photogs have client closets and such but that's not something I've gotten into yet. I like for my clients to dress in their own style and have that style reflected in the images. I think that's important. Something they can feel comfortable in. But I will send out a little tips email on what NOT to do. Typically you want to dress for the location and time of year. Choose colors that aren't too bright and distracting. You want to coordinate with the person you are taking photos with but not match. Jewel tones are always lovely in the Fall or clothing in natural, neutral colors. Flowy dresses, accessories, dressing in layers, hats, etc. ALL great things.

Alrighty Renee & Tyler - a sneak preview for you to enjoy. SO many more on the way.



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