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Happier With You - Kenzie & Mason Preview

Gah. ❤️‍🔥

This couple... obviously a beautiful couple... and we had some fun ya'll. I truly enjoyed meeting you both and getting to know you a little better. Like I normally tell my couples - the first couple of images might feel awkward but hopefully by the end you're embracing the prompts, adding in your own style, and having some fun.

One of my favorite parts of this job is meeting new souls and exploring new personalities. Each and every one of my couples is so different and I'm always intrigued as to why they chose me to document one of the biggest events in their lives. I love getting to know them all and documenting their love to the best of my ability.

In this job you tend to attract likeminded people or similar personalities to your own AND people who love the art you create. Photography is definitely an art and super subjective. It's like staring at a painting on the wall - some will love it while the person next to them will wonder what the heck you see in it. That's how still images work as well. Each photog adds their own spin to an image in both pose setup, style and post processing edit.

Kenzie and Mason you two are so fun and kind and very sweet with each other. Kenzie I know you've been dying to see this sneak preview and I hope it was well worth the wait! There are SO many more to come - I've barely scratched the surface. I'll be in touch soon.



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