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Patient and Sweet

This couple has been super patient with me as I wrap edit on their gorgeous engagement session. I think they'll be pleasantly surprised and grateful for the wait. The day was dicey to say the least and we were both traveling a little ways to see each other. As I was driving to the location it started pouring rain. Like pouring to the point where I'm like - oh my gosh do I need to pull over? I had looked at the radar before leaving my house and it appeared the rain would be brief and then the last hour of the day would be sun - which is exactly what we wanted. The perfect golden hour.

I will say there have been a couple times this year where the dear radar and forecast was very wrong and I had to roll with the punches - which is fine. Moody clouds can be cool too and honestly clouds in general can create a soft, yet colorful scene where we can be and go anywhere. BUT nothing truly beats that end of the day sun to light everything up.

Over the next few weeks I will be meeting most of my 2023 wedding couples... as end of Summer/Fall is the time of year when we plan engagement sessions for next years wedding couples. I am SO excited to meet you all in person and I'll thank you in advance for any small amount of patience you give me this Fall. I am going through a major life changing event currently but it won't affect the quality of your photos or my ability to create exactly what you want and desire. Like I said in my first post, I am currently un-available on social media (temporarily) but will be dedicating that time to my website, continuing to take clients (in fact i intend to take on more than I have in the past) and rebuilding my brand and myself truly. 🤍

Alrighty - let's get to this gorgeous couple who has been SO dang sweet to me. I am so honored to document this time for you and I cannot wait to help you celebrate and document your wedding day next year. Here is 20% of your gallery - look for the entire thing in your inbox. Readers a question - do you think I put that rainbow in a photo or was it there? I'm not telling. ;) Out of all the images in this post - the black and white one is my favorite.

Luvs, Jessi

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