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The Best Things in Life; DeMars Family Preview

What can I say about this family? Hmm... they are some of my favorite people. I've known them since 2015. They are fantastically creative, authentic, and super genuine. They do so much for their friends and family and I'm so happy and grateful to say I'm one of their friends because I'm not quite sure what I'd do without them. They are the kind of people where we just understand each other - in every sense of the word.

We also bonded because we both have daughters the same age(s) who just happen to be super close friends as well SO - it's just all aligned well. Laura was worried after the session that perhaps her teenage daughter hadn't smiled enough or participated enough but you know what... she DID fantastic and the images that do show her teenage, middle school attitude I absolutely ADORE. These family sessions are NOT about everyone staring perfectly at the camera. In fact - I truly prefer attitude, reality, and documented, emotive moments. They are what life is all about.

We also grabbed a couple of headshots for Laura in this preview... she is a very talented photog that has taken the creative itch even further and is a very popular folk/painting artist. She's called @chimneyartsmoke on Instagram if anyone is interested. Her works speaks for itself and I have it within my home as well.

Their beauty flows inside and out. Here is a sneak preview of their lovely family session. Many more to come my friend! Love you to the moon and back!



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