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The Perfect Couple - Katie & Garrison Preview

I would like to tell you a story. Almost one year ago I had the privilege to photograph a lovely couple's wedding - Maura and Graeme. I ADORED that couple and still do to this very day. At that wedding - which was forced outside at a park due to COVID - I saw the cutest couple (aside from the bride and groom of course). They were sitting all perfectly on this cute blanket looking adorable with each other and waiting patiently for the wedding to begin. I immediately snapped their photo as a candid of the day because they looked SO perfect and wondered to myself "Are they going to get married?" "Who will get lucky enough to take their photos?" Fast forward a year... ME - that's who! :)

This couple made my job FAR too easy. They were super sweet, easygoing, adventurous, and yes absolutely ADORABLE together. I barely had to even prompt them. They just have one of these super photogenic relationships because they truly do mesh well together as two humans. It was AMAZING. We took SO many GORGEOUS photos that this barely scratches the surface but I wanted to get them a sneak preview to enjoy.

Front and center in some of their photos was their pride and joy - their doggo Lindy. She is SO sweet and did such an amazing job getting her photo taken. I am LOVING all the dogs I've met this year at both weddings and engagement sessions. Please keep bringing your dog to these events. :)

Here you are Katie and Garrison. A sneak peek to hold over until I send them all. Please also tell Maura and Graeme hello and that I miss them! I'll be in touch soon.



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