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"Together they built a life they loved" - Fox Family Preview

You know what's fun about this job? I document many types of love. The love between a man and woman, a parent and child, and even a human and their beloved doggo. It's fantastic to witness and document each and every one! :)

The Fox Family is ADORABLE! They added in all the people and furry friends that meant the most to them into this session. They also went above and beyond and wanted to add some props in - which was FANTASTIC. They happen to live on a beautiful chunk of land outside the city so we were able to utilize the fields and sunset and it was totally perfect.

I have been getting LUCKY with weather this Fall Season. I am probably going to jinx myself moving foward but usually by now I've had to reschedule at least a couple of shoots or have had to deal with less than perfect weather. Not this year... the amount of beautiful, sunny, mild days we've had to work with has been PERFECTION! This will be a season for the books and I"ll be spending A LOT of time this winter updating my website with all of these lovely photos.

I'm excited and honored to add some family photos to my blog... I've got several more coming up as well to share. Here is a sneak preview for the Fox Family. Many more to come.



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