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Without Further Ado... Shelby & Matt Preview

Let me start this post by saying how honored I am to be among the vendor list at this last, September 10th wedding. I was SUPER impressed by all the people they hired to ensure this day ran smoothly. The food was delicious, the videographer knew his stuff, the DJ was diligent and also well versed, the officiant was SO fun and knowledgable in her realm, the venue... UMM magnificent as you'll see shortly.... and I dunno.. the photogs were pretty cool. Lol.

Shelby and Matt... you two are such a kind, chill, laid back, sweet, and ridiculously gorgeous couple. I'm so happy to have met you and gotten to help you document one of the most important days of your life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Let's re-paint the picture... so you can re-live the day and so everyone else reading can too. The day started out mildly chilly and cloudy... everyone was busy prepping their roles for the day. The bride and groom, although secretly nervous, seemed super chill. Like Shelby you were the most chill bride I've ever worked with. :)

Literally - a few minutes after bringing the dress back inside... the rain came. BUT like you were both told... rain and sun is good luck on a wedding day. It really couldn't have come at a better time too... it didn't really alter the plan at all.

Next... getting ready photos. These are always fun.

Next - the reveals. We had a surprise reveal in there too... LOL. That was the best. And then it was the emotional reveals which are always my favorite. I am a SUCKER for a father/daughter emotional reveal. Like I will cry..

Next was bridal portraits. We got them from ALL the angles. Gah, you two are a super gorgeous couple.

Then - Bridal Party Portraits. The groom toss is becoming a thing and I'm on board with it. It seems to lighten the crowd and get the guys excited for pictures... and maybe a little dirty... ;)

Again with my vanity fair pose for the bridal party. If everyone looks ticked off at me - then I've done my job. Haha. The look we are going for here is ... maybe a Kardashian vibe?

Next up - the wedding. Almquist Farms in Hastings - I can't say it enough - epic spot for photos. Greenery everywhere... picturesque country side setting with rolling hills and goats! My favorite wedding to shoot is an outdoor wedding - hands down - but it can sometimes be tricky with lighting and such but not here. The area where the couple gets married is well shaded and truly amazing. They have covered all their bases really well.

This wedding was so fun and so well attended. They really do have such a tremendous and supporting family unit. This couple has been together for awhile and they've built quite the tribe. Next is the fun part of the day. I think we ALL feel that way - vendors included. It's when everyone becomes a ton more relaxed. Now it's time to celebrate and eat and drink and be merry. We also got to grab sunset photos outside the venue - again, epic location. Also... the wedding party came in during grand entrance and played tippie cup... UMMM I haven't played that game since college and now am dying for a chance to play it again. Ya'll need to invite me over... please! :)

They ended the evening with a firework send off. Always a fantastic ending to a fantastic night. Thank you both again for entrusting me and Dustin to capture this momentous event in your lives. I wish you both SO much happiness. Can you believe this was just supposed to be a quick preview?! Lol. A preview consists of like 10-20 photos... I've been working all morning and found 70 favorites... and barely scratched the surface (like we shot over 7,000 YIKES)... so MANY more to come.

I'll be in touch.



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